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Effortless Products

That Are Kind To Your Hair.

We’ve reimagined hair styling at home.

Our products exist to simplify your hair routine, minimize damage, and most importantly, give you (really) good hair.

$20 shipping worldwide


Breathable foams. Soft nylons. Bouncy rubbers.


$20 shipping worldwide

Pick Your Curls

Effortless and easy. Flawlessly finished. Lasting for days. Create your curls exactly how you want them. 

High Definition

Pick your curls
Hand And Foam LARGE.png

Soft Foams

Verticle Wind LARGE.png
Hand And Feather LARGE.png

Vertical Wind


Our Difference

Our unique designs allow you to wind your hair in a spiral manner - mimicking the shape created by curling wands and irons. We incorporate breathable foams, extra-soft sponges, and silky, featherlight nylons. 


The Beauty of Steam in The Palm of Your Hand

Treat yourself to a self-care moment anytime and anywhere with our lightweight and portable steamer.


The 2 in 1 design provides gentle therapy for both your skin and hair.

About Us

Bukli exists to inspire the confidence that you feel when you have freshly styled hair. We love that feeling, but we know it’s not always achievable without sacrificing time or damaging your hair.

Bukli has a minimalistic approach to reimagining hair styling at home - simplifying hair routines, saving time, energy, and the health of your hair.

How Does It Work?

Watch real-life applications of our products for hairstyling inspiration. Happy Curling!

Join the Bukli Curls Club

Follow us to hear about exciting product releases, promotions, and discounts. We love to read comments and feedback is always welcome! 

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