Effortless Products

That Are Kind To Your Hair.



Flawless Curls. Without The Curling Iron. 


Defined Curls

Our ultra Soft HD Curlers create high definition styles in straight hair with ease. You control the intensity of your curls by adjusting the amount of hair you wrap along the sponges. 

  • Sleep Comfort

  • Easy to use

  • Latex-free


Big Waves

Similar to a 1 inch curling iron but better! Our patented Curling Flutes® will help you achieve bouncy barrel waves without the harmful heat.

  • Fast Hair Drying

  • Lightweight

  • Integrated Design


Sleek Corkscrew

The Hydro Flexi Curlers are our take on the classic bendy rods. We've upped the styling game by adding new and powerful features.

  • Infused with vitamin E

  • Product Absorbent

  • Latex-free




Steam Your Way to Better Beauty


Recreate a SPA day at home with luxurious warm steam. Our externally certified steamer meets the highest quality and social accountability standards.

  • Skin + Hair Therapy

  • Foldable + Portable

  • One Click to Use