Nylon Sleeves

Nylon Sleeves

This extra set of nylon curler sleeves offer a faster drying process and are the perfect accessory to our Curling Flutes®. The sleeves protect the hair and connect to the self-grip surface of the curling flutes with ease, preventing hair from tangling or catching in the rollers. Use two sleeves to protect very long hair lengths.


Curling flutes not included.

  • How to Use

    Take a section of hair and gently thread it through the nylon sleeve using your fingers. Wind the sleeve along the flute in a spiral motion. For curls that last all day, slightly dampen the hair before putting each flute in.

    Important: Make sure only the nylon sleeve and not the hair make direct contact with the flute to prevent hair getting caught.

  • What Else Do You Need to Know?

    Includes 14 sleeves.


    Made from 100% soft nylon yarn. 


    Dimensions:  16in (40cm).


How Does It Work?

Watch real-life applications of our products for hairstyling inspiration. Happy Curling!