Hydro Flexi Curlers, 18mm

Hydro Flexi Curlers, 18mm

Hydrate while you curl with these next-generation hair curlers, infused with vitamin E to deliver high-quality curl with no effort at all. Made from a flexible, breathable foam that absorbs water, oil and other liquid hair products.


  • Infused with Vitamin E
  • Product absorbent-releasing
  • Latex-free
  • What Else Do You Need to Know?

    Includes 8 curlers .


    One of the most innovative features comes from the carefully selected materials we used to make our flexible curlers. The open cell structure of the light cosmetic polyurethane foam facilitates the absorption of different liquids. During the foaming process, 1-3% Vitamin E is added to the aqueous solution for a luxuriously soft feel. 


    Dimensions: 7in L (18cm), 0.6in D (16cm)

  • How to Use

    Take a section of hair and wind it along the curler in a downward spiral motion. Simply twist and set. For a more secure fit, you can use our very own Plastic Snaps to keep the hair tightly in place.


How Does It Work?

Watch real-life applications of our products for hairstyling inspiration. Happy Curling!