Curling Flutes®

Curling Flutes®

Super-flexible, soft barreled flutes work in harmony with accompanying sleeves to create lasting curls with ease. The multifunctional and featherlike nylon sleeves safely attach to the self-grip flutes while shielding the curls and helping hair dry faster. For a unique look, use flutes and sleeves singly or stack two together to make them longer or wider for different sized curls. There are 14 flutes and 14 sleeves in a single pack. Flute Size: 5.5 in x 1 in (14 cm x 2.5 cm) tapered. Sleeve Size: 16 in (40 cm). Medium to Very Long hair.


  • Fast hair drying
  • Integrated design
  • Gather the nylon sleeve so that your fingers pass from one end to the other. Using your fingers, gently thread a medium thick section of hair
    through the nylon sleeve. Wind the sleeve along the flute in a spiral motion.


    Tip: Make sure only the nylon sleeve and not the hair make direct contact with the flute to prevent hair getting caught. For curls that last all day, slightly dampen the hair before putting each flute in. If flutes compress after wearing overnight, insert them inside each other to reshape them.

  • Both our Curling Flutes® and sleeves are made using a soft nylon material that is extra porous to make the task of hair-drying a breeze. Just like nuts and bolts, the sleeves should always be used together with the flutes. Without the sleeves, hair will get tangled in the self-grip surface of the flutes. U.S. Patent Pending.


How Does It Work?

Watch real-life applications of our products for hairstyling inspiration. Happy Curling!

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