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Our Mission

To bring innovation to the beauty tools sector by creating unique hair styling products that deliver impressive results and are made with precision for home use.

What's behind the name?

Pronounced /ˈbuklē/ and derived from the French word bouclés, our name simply means “curls”.



Unlike traditional curlers, where hair is rolled from bottom to top, our designs let you wind your hair in a spiral manner, mimicking the highly-styled looks created by curling wands and irons. We shun out harmful heat and rigid materials. Instead, we incorporate breathable foams, extra-soft sponges, and silky, featherlight nylons. None of our curlers contain latex.


We are dedicated hair tool designers committed to creating extraordinary products. We meticulously research the materials we use. We systematically go back to the drawing board to adjust the softness, absorbency, and dimensions of our curlers to fit every customer’s needs. Our curlers are suitable for all hair textures and lengths, and for natural, colored or treated hair of any age.


After effectiveness and ease of use, our top priority is creating material-conscious tools that are reliable. Throughout the design process, we focus on the timeless usability of the product – we only choose materials that are resilient to bending, twisting, perm chemicals, drying alcohols and, most of the time, even heat. 


Using electric hair styling is time-consuming and can damage your hair. For your curls to last all day, you need to prepare and set the hair using a range of products which could contain drying alcohols. Our clever overnight curlers provide a faster, healthier way to create bouncy, long-lasting curls in the most natural way possible – without the need for heat.

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